Ranking On Alexa

Okay, buy a new domain name, create a one-page website, the home page should contain catchy infographics with “Next Back Buttons”, Look at my Home Page.

Why infographics?

Infographics catches attention, people likes to engage more with visual content than written content. everybody gets bored quickly reading these days. 

So the more engagement you get the longer session duration and the lower bounce rate you receive.

Why Next Back Buttons?

Next Back Buttons: Coming from the AdSense arbitrage field, i realized the power of them in increasing page views and session duration.  aaaaaand lowering bounce rate.

Link Building: 

  • Backlinks: get more related sites to link to your website. for example share articles (just copy past you don’t need to write your own articles) in Quora, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, and other social media, with links to your home page. -you don’t need a huge amount of traffic from these links, we just tryto fool Alexa robots- 

  • External links: point to other websites from your home page, these links can be hidden so the visitor doesn’t see them, you are just giving Alexa robots what they need to rank you.

Kifach Alexa Ranking Domain is a Business Model?

You buy fresh domains you rank them, then you sell them. That’s it.

Source: freevaluator.com

This is not the real value of my website at the moment of course, but it is near to this value, 

even though it doesn’t contain any keyword and it’s a little bit longer. 

So if you are going to start This Business, try to buy domains with short and good keywords.

I hope this was clear and useful, if you didn’t understand something please feel free to ask.

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